Eurofins Food Testing UK now recognised as food authenticity test centre

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has launched a new initiative to help bring together those involved in food authenticity analysis. The Food Authenticity Network aims to raise awareness of the tools available to the food industry to check for mislabelling and food fraud. It also gives users access to a network of professional laboratories providing fit for purpose testing to check for food authenticity so giving consumers confidence in the food they buy.

With more than 250 laboratories worldwide and leading-edge expertise in food and feed authenticity testing, on the 17th December, Eurofins joined a select number of scientific service providers listed for expertise in authenticity on the Food Authenticity Network. Eurofins' uses DNA and stable isotope techniques to determine authenticity and geographical origin on a wide range of food and feed commodities including meat, dairy products, fruit, vegetables, wine and honey.

Visit the Food Authenticity Network website for UK centres of excellence.