Food Standards Agency Chair Meets Leading Public Analysts

Lord Brooker and Liz MoranLord Jeff Rooker, Chair of the Board of the Food Standards Agency, was a recent guest at Public Analyst Scientific Services (PASS) at its Wolverhampton headquarters.

Lord Rooker attended an informal meeting with the Association of Public Analysts President Liz Moran, as well as Past President Alan Richards and other members of the Public Analyst team. The horse meat contamination issue was top of the agenda as PASS was heavily involved in testing meat species for the Food Standards Agency during the recent scandal.

Lord Rooker also had a tour of the new laboratory facilities and was impressed by the scale and efficiency of the operation. Liz Moran said: "We were very pleased to welcome Lord Rooker to Public Analyst Scientific Services and enjoyed the opportunity to air some of our opinions on various issues and to hear his."