Public Analyst Scientific Services refreshes brand to underline proposition

As part of a strategy to make the Eurofins Public Analyst Scientific Services (PASS) more widely known, the businessĀ has launchedĀ a new logo as part of a brand 'refresh', bringing its identity in line with the rest of Eurofins.

This follows a change in the leadership of PASS in the summer, when Liz Moran took the reins as Head of Scientific Services, following the retirement of Alan Richards after six years at the helm.

Liz said at the time: "Alan and I have worked together over the past six years to build PASS up into the leading provider of public analyst services in the UK. He has contributed so much to the success of PASS and now deserves to be able to put his feet up and retire."

Now established in her role, Liz commented that the changing regulatory environment for the food industry would bring opportunities for food scientists with expertise in legal compliance, adding that not only would public analysts have the opportunity to assist food businesses at the testing stage, but also in identifying risks at the production stage and determining which ingredients or products to test.

Liz added that her initial priorities had been to continue to support the food complaints testing service, which has experienced growth in the last year.

"The public expect that the food they buy is genuine and safe to eat," she said, "and we will be working with regulatory authorities, food businesses and consumers to ensure the authenticity and quality of all food sold in the UK.

"Word is getting out in the food industry that we can bring our expertise to bear on foreign bodies or materials in food as well as taste and odour taints and investigation of production problems.

"We've refreshed our brand to make that proposition clearer and customers will start to see this rolled out in the coming months."